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Acorn Class 4th-8th March 2024

Next week, we have been learning...

Literacy– Next week, our focus text will be ‘The Hundred Decker Bus’. We will be creating our own decks for our own Acorn Decker Bus and also thinking about new adventures our bus can go on!

Maths– Next week, we will be learning about number bonds to 10. We will be recording addition number sentences and using our part part whole models to support this.

Phonics– Next week, we will be continuing Phase 3 Mastery. Our focus phonemes are oi, ow, air and ear and the common exception words are ‘are’ and ‘my’.


Topic/UTW– Our theme this week will be vehicles. We will be comparing vehicles in the past and present and discussing how they have changed.

This week, we have been learning...

DT- Making Rockets!

We have been learning about space rockets. We read the story ‘Roaring Rockets’ and used this to help us locate the different parts of a Space Rocket. We watched a video to teach us how the rocket gains enough thrust to push it up into the air. We decided to use our DT skills to make our own space rockets. We practised our cutting and joining skills and were very proud of our rockets. 

Literacy- World Book Day

On Thursday, we celebrated World Book Day. We dressed up as our favourite book characters or in our cosy PJ’s ready for a day celebrating our love of books. We enjoyed an assembly with the rest of the school talking about ways to enjoy books and the different types of books we can read. We played a game of ‘Masked Reader’ to try and work out which teacher was reading! We went on a parade around the playground to show off our costumes and we took part in a story book quiz and scavenger hunt. Finally, Elder class came to join the Acorns to enjoy an afternoon reading time- it was so great to see so much reading being enjoyed in our classroom!