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Acorn Class 17th-21st June 2024

This week, we have been learning....


In P.E, we had a go at practising our sports day races ready for the big day next week. We were excited to watch the lines being put on the field by a rather special robot the day before so we were keen to test them out! We learnt how to stay in the track and how to follow it to the finish line. We practised the sprint, the egg and spoon and the cross country race. 

UTW- The Four Seasons

This week, we have been learning about summer and comparing it to the other 3 seasons we have learnt about over the year. We talked about the weather and what clothes we wear in the different seasons. One of our rainbow challenges was to pick a season, match it with a prop and take a selfie using the class ipad! 

Theatre Performance

This week we were really lucky to have a visit from Doorstep Theatre Company for a performance of ‘ ‘A Strange New Space’. It was a non-verbal show with one actor and the Acorns watched in complete awe throughout! We discussed what we had seen afterwards and talked about what our best bits were and what we thought about the story.