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Acorn Class 22nd-26th January 2023

Next week, we are learning....

Literacy– Next week, we will be continuing on focusing on the story of ‘Poles Apart’ and
looking at settings this week as part of Drawing Club. We will be writing sentences
with full stops and finger spaces.

Maths– Next week, we will be focusing on numbers 6,7 and 8. We will be focusing on the
composition of these numbers and exploring how to represent these in different

Phonics– This week, we will begin Phase 3 mastery of the Unlocking Letters and Sounds
programme. We will be revisiting y,z,zz,qu and common exception words ‘he’ and ‘she’.


Topic/UTW– Our theme this week will be focusing on the hot and cold climates, We will be
locating them on the world map and talking about what the equator is. 

This week, we have been learning....


This week, our focus has been mass and capacity. We are comparing mass using balance scales and talking about how items are heavier and lighter. We then talked about how to find a balance and challenged the Acorns to find the balance of classroom items. We enjoyed predicting and counting the cubes as we put them in the balance scales and watched for it to balance! 

DT- Cutting Skills

This week we challenged the Acorns to practise their cutting skills by creating their own penguins! It was very very popular! Mrs M demonstrated how to create the different parts of the penguin and how to assemble it and then the Acorns set off independently to complete the challenge. It was so great to see such creativity and some really good stickability for those who find scissor skills trickier! 

UTW- The Blubber Experiment

We have been learning about the Polar Regions this week and the animals that live here. We discussed the question of how polar animals stay warm in the icy cold water. We took part in a science experiment where we dipped both hands in a bowl of icy water but one hand had a glove covered in lard which acted as a ‘fat’ or ‘blubber’ like the polar animals have. We compared how each hand felt and discovered the hand with the lard felt warmer! It was messy but fun! 

Marshmallow Igloos!

We have been learning about igloos as part of our polar regions theme so we decided to challenge the Acorns to make their own marshmallow igloos. It took a lot of focus and great for our fine motor skills too as we had to carefully stick the marshmallows to the teacake using icing. They looked amazing and tasted delicious too!