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Acorn Class 29th April- 3rd May 2024

Next week, we are learning....

Literacy– Next week, we will be reading the story ‘Sam’s Sandwich’ by David Pelham which will inspire us to write instructions to create our own disgusting sandwiches!

Maths– Next week, we will be focusing on how to add more using first, now, then stories.  

Phonics– Next week, we will be continuing Phase 4 of our Unlocking Letters and Sounds programme. We will be looking at adjacent consonants at the beginning of words and new common exception words ‘were’ and ‘there’.


Topic/UTW– Our theme this week will be minibeasts. We will be going on minibeast hunts and looking at different habitats we will find a minibeast. 

This week, we have been learning...

Rainbow Challenges

This week, we introduced the Acorns to ‘Rainbow Challenges’. There is 5 coloured activities set up in our classroom environment which the Acorns have to complete by the end of the week. They collect a coloured stick every time they complete the activity and put them in their special rainbow pot. 

The Acorns were really excited about this and we were really proud of how motivated they have been to complete the challenges independently. 

EAD- Symmetrical Butterflies

This week we have been learning about the life cycle of a butterfly and as part of this we have been looking at different types of butterflies. We learnt that butterfly wings are symmetrical and looked closely at details and patterns on pictures of butterflies. We made our own symmetrical butterflies by squeezing paint onto one side of a butterfly template and then folding it to print on the other side. We practised some finger gym and discovered some different colour mixing too! 

Maths- Teen Numbers

We have been looking at making different representations of teen numbers. We made a number track using numerals 1-20 and then worked together to match numicon shapes to each number.