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Acorn Class 13th-17th May 2024

Next week, we will be learning...

Literacy– Next week, we will be continuing to focus on the story ‘Supertato’. We will be hot seating and role playing the characters from the story. We will be writing character descriptions of the missing Evil Peas!

Maths– Next week, we will be focusing on takeaway. We will understand that we are decreasing the amount when we takeaway and recognising the takeaway symbol when forming takeaway number sentences.

Phonics– Next week, we will be continuing Phase 4 of our Unlocking Letters and Sounds programme. We will be looking at adjacent consonants at the beginning of words and new common exception words ‘when’. ‘what’ and ‘out’.


Topic/UTW– Our theme this week will be snails. We will be learning facts about snails and exploring our very own Giant African Land snails Sully and Flower.

This week we have been learning....

UTW- Bees

This week, we were lucky enough to have a special visitor. Annie’s mum came in to teach us all about bees and brought in some real live bees straight from her own bee hive. We looked closely at the bee hive and tried to spot the queen bee. We talked about the shapes of a bee hive and how they fit together. We learnt about how bees make honey and we had a go at cutting the honey from the frame to taste. We even went outside to learn how to puff the smoker to puff smoke into the hive. What lucky Acorns we are!!

Seed to Tree- Walk to Golden Wood

On Wednesday, we took part in our school’s Seed to Tree programme. We walked all the way through the village to Golden Wood. We loved learning about some of the special trees that are there, especially the Yew tree planted 24 years ago from visitors from Papua New Guinea. We went on a scavenger hunt to collect special things around the wood and we helped Gill make a den by collecting big sticks. We absolutely loved this!!! What a great morning, we are so proud of you Acorns for walking all that way!!

Maths- Rotating Shapes

This week, we have been learning how to compose, decompose and manipulate shapes. We learnt about rotation and how all shapes are still the same shape when turned in different directions. We learnt about tangram pictures and decided to make our own.