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Ash 11th – 15th September 2023

Next week's learning...

English: Writing postcards, planning and writing a narrative.
Maths: Flexible partitioning, expanded partitioning, number lines.
Science: Reptiles/Amphibians.
Phonics: 5a revision – 5b mastery.


We did a lot of work on understanding the means of place value within a number this week. We looked at place value chart and the part-part-whole. We understood the significance of recognising how many tens were in a number and what this was equal to as well as the number of ones. Some great representation skills!


After revising our full stops and capital letters into simple sentences, we looked at how we could develop the content of what we were writing. We joined forces and worked together to help improve some simple stem sentences based on different images of Beegu. The children worked really creatively and cooperatively.


We’ve been looking at different thoughts and feelings and how people represent these differently. We reflected these to different colours and thought about our zones of regulation before matching these to a feelings thermometer. We could recognise the expressions and considered what we would do to support a friend in this need.


Our first sports coach session focused on the fundamentals and key listening.