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Ash 4th – 8th September 2023

Next week's learning...

English: Character descriptions, questions and narrative planning.
Maths: Place value. Tens and ones.
Science: Birds
Phonics: 5a spelling recap.


To introduce us into the place value unit in Year 2, we have been exploring numbers and the different ways they can be represented. We’ve been quite practical, using rekenreks and base 10 to support us in representing numbers. The key element we focused on was recognising the number of tens and instead of saying 57 has 50 tens, it was breaking it down to acknowledge 57 has 5 tens which equals 50. This took some practice but persistence paid off and their confidence became a lot clearer.


Our first project in Year 2 for Art is 3D planets. This week we explored different planet surfaces on the whiteboard before interpreting some of those surfaces using modelling dough. We thought about different plants and how the different surfaces can be made.