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Ash 15th – 19th January 2023

Next week's learning...

English: Prediction, letters, fact files.
Maths: Money – counting in pounds and pence.
Science: Bending, stretching, twisting.
Phonics: Phase 6.


Ash have been amazing at shape! They have really involved themselves in all of the terminology and the visualisation of different shapes. This week we finished our learning unit of shape and looked particularly closely at edges, faces and vertices of 3D shapes. Using cocktail sweets and a tasty little treat, we made our own to help visualise the shapes and identify the properties.


We had a practical week in our DT. We explored different chassis on vehicles. We thought carefully about how the axles and chassis work with one another and considered which one would help support our vehicles maneuverability. 


A successful yoga session in our PE where we explored poses and balances inspired by the Arctic.

Bird Watch Day 2024

We had a great morning celebrating in the Big Garden Bird Watch day. We met together to discuss the purpose of the day and our special jobs. We started off identifying birds, looking at live bird cameras as well as identifying calls. Following this we moved on to work in small groups to create bird nests. There were some very comfy looking ones!
We then split up to complete bird watching, making bird masks as well as making bird feeders to interest more wildlife.