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Ash 25th – 29th September 2023

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English: Developing writing structure and content.
Maths: Estimating numbers on a number line, comparing and ordering.
Science: Fish
Phonics: Phase 5b mastery.


This week, we challenged the children to some performance poetry! We introduced them to the poem “The Moon” by Robert Louis Stevenson. We identified the key features of poetry before learning it. We thought about the different words which we could symbolise to help us and created our own actions. After some practice, we put it all together to create a great masterpiece! Here are some photo snippets.


This week was all about ball skills and keeping the ball close to us. We are all good at knowing we can kick the ball with some force, but maintaining a good distance from the ball was our focus.


This week’s lesson was a reminder about us and that we are FABULOUS. Sometimes, we remember the things we can’t do very well over the things we do amazingly. We took a look at a list of different strengths that we have and celebrated ourselves. We identified some of the things we thought we might want to get a bit better at and discussed how this could be done. By the end of it, we learned to appreciate our differences and our skills remembering we can’t spell fabulous without U.