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Ash 4th – 8th December 2023

Next week's learning...

English: Structured writing with a stimulus.
Maths: Mixed addition and subtraction, comparing number sentences.
Science: Hands.
Phonics: 5c mastery and revision.


The pizza making week arrived! This week we combined our tasting and our planning to create the perfect pizza. We started off by selecting the base we wanted from our taste testing.

Following this we gently spread our passata. We made sure it didn’t get too close to the edge to prevent it from burning.

Now for the toppings. We looked back at our plans and thought about what we wanted on our pizza. We had these prepared for us and then placed them consciously on to our pizza.

After, the cheese sprinkling fairy arrived and gave us a bit of their magic. We sprinkled the cheese like it was glitter. 

Next, we put these onto some baking paper and placed them sensibly into the oven. Once they had cooked, we did the only thing possible… EAT!


We put ourselves in the shoes of the different characters within the nativity scene this week to freeze-frame and consider what they might be saying at that moment. Can you tell who we are?


The Seasons’ Song has finally been completed!