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Elder Class 22nd to 26th January 2024

Our learning next  week (week commencing 29th January):

In maths we are learning to multiply decimals and divide numbers involving decimals.

In English this week we are learning to use colons and semi-colons to separate independent clauses.

In science this week we are learning to undertake an investigation to answer the scientific question ‘How does the distance from the light source affect the size of a shadow?’

Elder class were doing a strength flow in yoga. They added in four strength balances of their own.


In English/Geography Elder class were learning about National Parks and they wrote a persuasive leaflet about a National Park. They did a great job and included lots of persuasive features in their leaflets.


In maths Elders have been learning about decimals. They were multiplyin and dividing by 10/100 and 1000 and showed great motivation, stickability and cooperation when trying to find a path across a maze.