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Elder Class 29th January to 2nd February 2024

Our learning next week:

In maths we are learning to understand percentages; convert fractions to percentages; find equivalent fractions, decimals and percentages; order fractions, decimals and percentages.

In English we are learning to write a discussion text.

In science we are learning to understand the colour spectrum.

REMINDER: We have our Seed to Tree session on Wednesday 7th February and will be spending the morning at Golden Wood coppicing the trees.

In geography, Elder class were looking at the south west of England and using their map skills to locate towns, cities and natural features like Bodmin Moor. Great cooperation evident throughout the class.


In PSHE, Elder class are learning about financial risk. They played a game which involved investing in different businesses, some more risky (but potentially financially rewarding) than others. 


In science Elder class were learning about refraction. They placed a straw into a glass of water and used their observation skills to see what happened. They also put an arrow behind a glass and filled the glass with water and observed any changes.