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Elder Class 6th to 10th November 2023

Our learning next week (13th to 17th November):

In maths we are learning to multiply fractions by an integer and divide fractions by an integer; find fractions of amounts.

In English we are learning to use adverbials, relative clauses and fronted subordinate clauses to provide detail to our writing.

In science we are learning to understand complete and incomplete circuits.

Our big question this week is ‘what are you most grateful for?’

Elder class have continued their work on World War I. They have begun writing letters home in role as a soldier in the trenches. They have made poppies and baubles explaining the different types of poppies people wear for remembrance. 


Elder class made posters or double-page spreads to summarise their learning about global warming and climate change.


In science, Elder class began their unit of work on electricity. They made complete circuits and considered the impact of increasing the number of components in their series circuits. They found some of the results very exciting!



In art, Elder class have looked at the work of Norfolk artist John Brunsdon and produced their own coastal themed prints.