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Horse Chestnut 10th-14th June

Next week’s learning:

English – narrative writing 
Maths – shape/position and direction
Science – Digestive System


This week we have been exploring shape. We Began by looking at different types of angles and where we might find them. We then moved on to specific shapes, starting with quadrilaterals, triangles and then looking at polygons. We learned the different properties of these shapes to help us complete our activities.


In English this week, we continued creating our death dreams. These are based around the book we are currently reading, Frankenstiltskin. We used our knowledge of onomatopoeia, rhyming and repetition to help us plan and create our poems. Our death dreams were centred around the life of a rhino.


This week in science, we continued exploring habitats. We have been learning about different animals living in one habitat and learnt this is called biodiversity. To further our learning, we looked at how humans can negatively and positively impact habitats. We learned that deforestation is a very negative impact,however,  nature reserves and rewilding can be great ways to help habitats.