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Horse Chestnut Class 17th-21st June

Next week’s learning:

Health and fitness week 


This week in maths we came to the end of our shape topic. We looked at lines of symmetry in a shape and creating symmetrical figures. We use mirrors to support our learning.We then moved onto our next topics, Statistics. We looked at interpreting  charts such as pictograms and bar charts. We also looked at comparing different bits of data. Below are also some photos from a previous activity on recapping angles!


This week in English, we started our new text of The Egyptian Cinderella. We began by comparing this version with the original. We could see some similarities but many difference too. We then used comparative conjunctions to form sentences comparing the looks of the characters, Rhodopis and Kipa. We then looked at all the bad things Rhodopis experienced and inferred how she might be feeling. 



This week, we kickstarted our Digestive System topic by looking at teeth. We looked at how humans have incisors, canines, premolars and molars. We compared images of a cow’s skull and a human’s to see the different teeth. We also looked at how sugar can damage our teeth and the layers of a tooth.