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Horse Chestnut 12th-16th November

Next week’s learning:

English – We will be moving onto writing explanation texts.
Maths – 12 times table and multiplying by 1 and 0.
Big question – How can we protect our planet?


This week, we have been focusing on our times tables. We have looked at different strategies and methods to support our learning. When working out our 7 times table, we can use our 5 and 2s to help us by adding the answer together. We used arrays and created fact families for different tables.


In English, we went back to the different jobs in the seaside community and held a council meeting. We wanted to discuss what different jobs could do to rebuild the community after the Great Flood. We wrote speeches in our ‘gilds’ then shared them. Also, we have been writing our holiday brochures. The purpose of the brochure is to persuade families to visit the seaside town in Suffolk. We thought about the use of present perfect and different sentence types. We created subheadings to help us organise our paragraphs too. We also spent time editing and improving our writing, ready to publish onto leaflets next week. 


Over the last few months, we have been lucky to have a specialist guitar teacher teach us different types of music. The children have been learning the following songs; Jaws theme tune, Got the blues and A sailor went to sea. As Christmas approaches, the children are getting ready to practice some festive classics such as Rudolph the Red Nose Reindeer.