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Horse Chestnut Class 20th-24th November

Next week’s learning:

English – Writing an Explanation text.

Maths – consolidation of rounding. 

Maths :

This week, we have been looking at multiplying by 1 and 0. We learnt that any number multiplied by 0 is 0. We also looked at dividing by 1 and itself. We learnt that if the first number in the calculation is divided by 1, the answer will be the same number. If a number is divided by itself, the answer is always 1. 


In English, we began looking at our new topic explanation texts. We have been using a video clip called The Wishgranter to support our learning. We watched the video and made notes on the characters and plot of the story. We created character descriptions using expanded noun phrases. We then looked at an example of an explanation text and identified the features. 


We looked at using equipment this weekend! In preparation of our upcoming experiment, we looked at different equipment we’d need to use. We looked at stop watches, thermometers and beakers. We observed the change in temperature of water over time. We then had a go at timing ourselves doing different activities with a stopwatch like writing the alphabet and our names!