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Horse Chestnut 13th -17th May

Next Week’s learning:

 Maths – Time

English – Frindleswylde 
Science – Digestive System 


This week, we have been looking at our new time topic. We began by recapping the months of the year. We also thought about how many days there are in a normal year vs a leap year. Our learning then moved onto how many minutes there are in an hour, and hours in a day. We then practiced making times on a clock and converting them to digital.


This week we have been exploring description. We created a bird’s-eye view description of the saintly work that our book is set it. We also created character descriptions and made inferences about them. Using our descriptive techniques, as also made wintry poems.



This week, we learnt about what ancient Egyptians did for fun. We learnt that they played musical instruments, dances and played sports. We also learnt that they played lots of board games such as Hounds and Jackals and Senet. We had a go at playing Senet!