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Horse Chestnut class 7th-10th May

Next week’s learning:

English – looking at and comparing characters.
Maths – Time


This week, we began our new text. We looked at how noun phrases can be expanded to give our sentences more detail. We wrote letters to Granny explaining that Frindleswylde had arrived at our home! We thought about a character’s thoughts and feelings, using speech to show this.


This week, we continued looking at money. We calculated the different amounts, using our subtraction and addition skills. This then helped us with our lesson on giving and making change. 


This week we continued making circuits. This time, we were testing different materials to see if they were conductors or insulators. We found that the paper clip, coin and foil allowed the energy to flow through and the bulb lit up, meaning they were conductors. The rubber, paper and plastic did not allow the energy to flow through meaning they were insulators. 


We spent this week’s lesson looking at pyramids. We looked at how they were built, why and where they were built. We then made some pyramids out of play dough!