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Horse Chestnut 16th-20th October

After half term’s  learning:

English – Instructional writing.

Maths – Area 

Big question – Why can’t you see or hear God?


This week, we have been recapping our rounding skills to help us with estimating. We also used different methods to see which is the most efficient. We looked at counting on, column method and the compensation method. We also checked our workings out by using the inverse (opposite). 


We have been coming to the end of our diary entry topic. We planned them and then wrote them. The children did really well to write from the perspective of a child running away from a volcano.


We spent our lesson doing data collection. I’m order to do this, we had go outside and identify different invertebrates, vertebrates, flowering and non-flowering plants. Once we collected our data collected in tallies. We then turned this into bar charts and pictograms.



We did the next step of our masks.  We discussed the colours of traditional masks. Using an earthy colour palette, we painted the base.