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Horse Chestnut 31st-3rd November

Next week’s learning:

Maths – multiplication and division 

English – Baker by the Sea


This week, we started our new book, The Baker by the Sea. It is a lovely story about a sleepy seaside village in Suffolk in 1953. We began by baking hot coconut buns as that was the recipe from our story. We then read some of the story and discussed the different jobs the characters had. There were fish merchants, fishermen, butchers, bakers and much  more. We created job adverts for the local job fayre and wrote job applications for a bakers assistant.



We began our new topic on area. We started by looking at different sized shaped and discussing which ones had the bigger area. We learnt that area is the space inside a closed 2-D shape. We then looked at counting squares and using our knowledge of arrays and multiplication to calculate the area. We then drew some different shapes and compared areas. 


We started our new topic, States of Matter, and learnt all about solids, liquids and gases. We had some balloons filled with water, air and ice. We had a feel of the balloons and think about which state of matter it was filled with. We discussed that solids have a definite shape and fixed volume, liquids have a fixed volume but no fixed shape and gases have no fixed shape or volume.

Volcano project:

Over half term, the children created volcanoes based on Mount Vesuvius from our story Escape from Pompeii. On Friday, we used a mixture of vinegar, dish soap and bicarbonate of soda to make an eruption!