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Horse Chestnut 26th-1st March

Next week’s learning:

English: Continuing our learning of Tar Beach.

Maths: Fractions 

Science: Sound 


This week, we came to the end of our Perimeter topic and began our fractions topic. We began by looking at making the whole. We revised the vocabulary from last year such as numerator, denominator, unit fractions and non unit fractions. 


In English, we started looking at our new text Tar Beach. This story transports us to 1930’s New York City where our main character Cassie can fly and claim the things she flies over. We used magnifying glasses to inspect the front cover to see what details we could spot. We created poems about freedom, comparing it to a bird. We looked at inferring emotions and we created expanded noun phrases. 


We began our new topic by exploring why the UK has different weather. We used our map skills to support our learning. We explored why the North is generally colder than the South. We discovered this is because the North is closer to the North Pole and the South is closer to the Equator. We also explored why certain parts of the UK is wetter than others. We found out the West, North and North-West is predominantly more wet due to the rain from the Atlantic Ocean.


For our new Geography topic, Why are Jungles so wet and Deserts so dry?, we created models, cakes and posters on either biome.