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Horse Chestnut 4th-8th March

Next week’s learning: 

English – Writing our scripts.
Maths – Fractions 



This week, we have been looking at dialogue. We thought about our characters, Cassie and BeBe, flying in the air. We wondered what conversation they might have together and wrote it down. We then looked at film scripts, preparing us for when we write our own. We used our dialogue from a previous lesson to create a script. We focused in stage directions too.


We have been continuing our learning on fractions. We began by looking at mixed numbers. We partitioned them using part whole models. We put them onto a number line, noticing a pattern as we did this. We then looked at improper fractions. We also placed these on a number line and using picture representations to help us understand this. 


This week we practiced our dribbling skills. We moved the ball around cones in different distances of cones. We worked in teams and worked together to see who would be the first team to finish. 


We did an experiment. We were investigating how the distance can affect the volume of a sound source. We had an iPad making an alarm sound. We then moved back 2m each time and took a measurement of the sound using a decibel metre. We found that the further away you are from the sound source, the quieter the volume.

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