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Horse Chestnut 27th-29th November

Next week’s learning:

English – Instructional writing 

Maths – consolidation of previous learning


This week, we have been deepening our understanding of multiplying three numbers together. We learnt that we just needed to multiply 2 of the numbers together before then multiply the product by the third. We also looked at different ways dividing by 1 and itself can be presented in word problems.


This week, we planned and wrote our explanation texts. We rewatched the clip from The Wishgranter to ensure we had all the detail we needed. Using conjunctions of time, prepositions and adjectives we explained how wishes are granted using the Wish Machine.


Our lesson this week allowed us to plan and undertake an experiment. We were enquiring how ice can change the temperature of water and how long it takes to melt. We used stop watches to measure the time and a thermometer to measure the water. We looked at our dependent and independent variables. Once we planned our experiment and made our predictions, we did the experiment. The children showed great cooperation during this activity.


We went on our Geography walk this week. We had our sketches and added detail of the school, Church, houses and pub. We discussed the history of the village and compared it to the old photographs we looked at.