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Horse Chestnut 29th January – 2nd February

Next week’s learning:

English – Continuing suspense writing
Maths – Dividing with remainders and 3 digits. 


This week, we have been focusing on different methods for dividing. We discussed how we used place value counters and we extended this by looking at bus stop method. We then went back to the pace value counters when it came to questions that used remainders in the answer. 


We continued looking at the story of Wolves in the Walls. We focused on the wolf party – so we had our own! We created wolf masks to get into character and then danced to wolfish music!


This week, we continued focusing on yoga. We looked at the downward dog, cobra and mountain pose. We practiced these in pairs and focused on our breathing remembering what part of the pose we breathed in and out. 

Computing: Our Class Book reviews.

This week we have been looking at writing a book review. Have a look below at out thoughts on our current reads! 

I like that it is funny! (Moone Boy)
I like that Harry thinks his Godfather is bad but suddenly becomes friends with him. ( Harry Potter and the Half Blood Prince)
I like that it is detailed! (James and the Giant Peach)
I like that it is creative and funny. (Investigators: Braver and Bolder)
I like that it is interesting! ( Magic Ponies)
I really like it because it has unicorns in! (Unicorn Academy)I like that it was funny and suspenseful. (Mr Gum and the Power Crystals)
I like that there is a pig that destroys the house. ( Diary of a Wimpy Kid: Old School)
I like it has some of my favourite football players in. (Ultimate Football Heroes: Messi)
 I like that they make it interesting with the big words. (Investigators: Take the Plug)
I like that there is a lot adventures and I love adventure. (Moone Boy)
I like that is it very funny to read. ( Me and Mr P)
I like that it is really intense! (Ultimate Football Heroes: Pogba)
I like that there is a guy who looks after animals and deer. (Park Life)
I like that it’s a sporty book. (Diary of a Wimpy Kid: Big shot)
I like that they catch the robber. (Spy Dog)
I like that it always has a mystery! (Rainbow Faries: Peggy the Pantomime Fairy)
I like that it is just nice to read when it is night time. (Investigators: Heist and Seek)
I like that there are so many interesting facts about horses in the book! ( For Horse-Crazy Girls Only)
I like that it has lots of secret traps in it! ( The Famous Five: The Five go to Smuggler’s Top)