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Horse Chestnut 5th-8th September

Next Week’s Learning:

English – Fables 

Maths – place value, number lines 

Science – Living things and their habitats.


This week, we practiced our dribbling skills in and out of cones. We also played a game where we tracked each other. These skills are supporting us for our new topic, Hockey. 


At the start of the week, we looked at the story ‘The World Needs Who you were made to Be’. In the story, the children work in different ways to build hot air balloons. This led us onto the discussion of how we all learn differently. We then created our own hot air balloons and selected 3 words that nest describe us. We then put these all together to create our classroom door display!


This week, we were looking at place value. We began recapping our year 3 knowledge. We used dienes and place value counters to represent different numbers. We then created a place value donut! Then, we moved on to partitioning numbers up to 1,000 using part whole models.