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Horse Chestnut 11th-15th September

Next week’s learning:

English – Fables 
Maths – Place Value
Big question – Why is it important to be part of a community?


In PE this week, we explored holding a hockey stick correctly and controlling the ball. We also practiced passing the ball to each other.


This week, we learnt all about the Roman army and how they helped to expand the Roman Empire. There were five main reasons why the Roman army was so successful. They had strong soldiers, fierce training, great weapons, the tortoise formation and a never give up attitude. We found we could apply our learning behaviour of stickability to the Roman soldiers. We then ended the lesson by creating our very own Roman shields. 


In RE this week, we looked at the concept of reconciliation. We learnt that this meant a friendship with God and/or others being mended. We discussed scenarios where a friendship might need to be mended. We then looked at how going to Church can give us ideas on being ‘peace makers’ and how to reconcile with people. We created freeze frames of what reconciliation looks like; hugging, high fives and playing together again. We then used play dough to recreate these. 


In maths, we have been looking  numbers up to 10,000. We began by representing them in different ways, such as base 10. We then looked at partitioning numbers up to 10,000 using part while models and number sentences. We then ended the week by looking at flexible partitioning.


In English, we looked at Fables. We began by listening to different Fables and biting the features. They all included a moral and talking animals. We then looked at sentence types and how we can join clauses together with conjunctions.