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Horse Chestnut Class 8th-12th January

Next Week’s learning:

English – instructional writing 
Maths – dividing by 10 and 100


This week, we have been multiplying by 10 and 100. We learnt that we need to move the digits to the left when multiplying. If it’s by 10, we move them once and if it’s 100 we move them twice. 


This week, we wrote informal letters based on our new text. We had to make the windmill farmer feel better. We reminded him of all the good things about having wind turbines. We then practiced our editing skills. We also used drama to think about a character’s emotions. We created freeze frames of the important moments in the text furthering our understanding of it.


We started our new topic on sound! We focused our learning on vibrations. We learnt how they travel through the air from an object into our ears. We looked at different instruments to see they ways they make sound. For example, guitars make sound when the strings vibrate together when strummed.