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Horse Chestnut 15th -19th January

Next week’s learning:

English – Suspense writing 
Maths – multiplying 2 digit numbers by 1 digits
Big question – 


This week, we have been focusing on dividing by 10 and 100. We used the place value charts to support our understanding. We then looked at relative facts, using our knowledge from last weeks learning. If we know 3 x 7 is 21 then 30 x 7 is 210. We then looked at informal methods of multiplying such as using place value counters and number lines. 



In English, we have been looking at creating comic strips of the Windmill farmer. We then used this to create a diary entry from the perspective of the windmill farmer. We considered the emotions we would feel at each point. 


This week, we explored inside the ear. We learnt about the different parts such as the outer ear, the ear canal, ear drum, cochlea and ear bones. We learnt the journey of sound waves and vibrations from an object to our ears and then to our brains! We looked at models of the ear to get a closer look! We found out that ears can also help balance, so we put that to the test!


This week, we practiced the notes C, E, B and D. Then we focused on the A notes. Rock Monster required us to think about wide dynamics, meaning the song was louder. Something you would find in Heavy Metal music. We used the song Rock Monster to showcase these! We also recapped the song ‘Snow Song’. We also practice the E and F notes with a range of dynamics to the Jaws theme tune. We then ended on a song focusing high G and F called Spanish Cha Cha Cha.