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Lime Class 22nd-26th April 2024

Next week’s learning:

English: writing and editing our own traditional tale/myth based on the Pied Piper of Hamelin.

Maths: Money. Pounds and pence, convert pounds and pence, add and subtract money. Missing number additions and subtractions and how addition and subtraction are linked.

Science:  evaluate our shadow experiment.

Our learning this week:

English: We spent time discussing whether the Mayor of Hamelin should pay the rat catcher before writing a letter persuading the mayor to take our advice.  After listening to the the very well written letters the Mayor (Mrs Simpson) decided that the town should pay the rat catcher!

Maths: we learnt to find unit-fractions and non-unit-fractions of a set of objects.  We used counters, base ten and pictures to help us.