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Lime Class 25th-29th September 2023

Next week's learning:

English: Nen and the Lonely Fisherman. Make predictions; evaluate a text- giving opinions; make inferences about a character using evidence; infer characters’ feelings.

Maths: add and subtract 1s across a 10, add and subtract 10s across a 100.

Science: Are all skeletons the same?

Our learning this week:


We practised adding and subtracting  1s and 10s numbers to and from 3-digit numbers.  Here we are playing a game-


This week we having been learning about performance poetry.  We finished the week by practising and performing the poems which we had written.  Here we are perfecting our performances-


We produced maps to show which countries visitors to the Magic Kingdom came from.


Our hockey skills are developing really well.  This week we started to play mini 3v1 games.


The children love our reading area so much that Mrs Simpson has trouble keeping them out of it!  A problem that she secretly really loves.  Keep reading everyone!