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Lime Class 5th-8th September 2023

Next Week's Leraning

English- Leon and the Place Between.  Describing settings, vocabulary for effect and creating suspense.

Maths- place value, representing and partitioning numbers up to 1,000.

Science- The skeleton. Functions of the skeleton


This week, we started to look at the book- Leon and The Place Between.  We made predictions about what the book might be about using clues from the front cover and first picture.  We then used our senses to describe the setting and learnt about similes.


We used Base ten to represent numbers and then partitioned them in different ways.


During our P.E. lesson, we worked in teams to complete some team building activities.  The class had great fun trying to kick a rugby ball around a course without letting go of the rest of the group’s hands.  It took a few attempts!


The children had their first ever French lesson this week.  Here they are saying hello to each other-