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Willow 18th – 22nd September 2023

This week in Willow Class we will be:

English: This week we will be continuing with our topic of the picture book – The Island. We will be looking at formal letters. Ultimately writing a formal letter to the island chief about his mistreatment of The Man.

Maths: Our next topic in maths is addition and subtraction. We will be focusing on adding and subtraction whole numbers up to four digits and using rounding to check our answers.

Science – Our topic in science is forces – this week we will be finishing our parachute investigation and evaluating it.    

Big Question – Does god know everything?


Have a look below to see what we’ve been up to this week:

On Wednesday we began to look at the skills of debating, playing word association games and taking part in our own ‘Just a minute’. We also looked at the formalities ready to hold a debate on Friday. 

In English, on Thursday, I split Willow class into two groups. They planned their debate based on the motion – Should the man be isolated from the island?  One group was the opposition and one the proposition. The debate was then held on Friday. 

On Friday we held the class debate. Willow were amazing at this. The speakers were clear and used a formal approach. The house then posed intelligent questions back. Very proud of you all well done!

In art we have moved on to a new artist – Dan Fenelon. He was inspired by Aztec and Maya art. On Thursday Willow created their own images and patterns based on Maya art. Next week they will start to add bold colours to these.