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Willow 5th – 8th September 2023

This week in Willow Class we will be:

English: In English this week we will be continuing with our book Varjak Paw, we will be looking at writing a non-chronological report.    

Maths: This week we will be looking at place value focusing on comparing number up to 100,000 and saying 10, 100, 100, or 10,000 more than a given number.

Science – Our topic in science is forces, following on from friction we will now be looking at air resistance.

Big Question –


Have a look below to see what we’ve been up to this week:

In history this week, Willow class used the atlases to locate countries in Central America. This area referred to as Mesoamerica, is where the ancient Maya used to live. 

In science on Friday we were looking at the affects of friction. We used simple experiments such as the brakes on a bicycle and a box of matches to explain how friction works and its uses. I also challenged them to pull two books apart – explaining that the friction was the stronger force here because every page over each other meant there was a lot of friction (no one, not even me, could pull them apart)!