Curriculum Information

This page contains information about the curriculum at All Saints’ CEVCP, including the very latest documents and curriculum plans. If you want to find out more about the curriculum then please contact Mrs Clare Lamb (Headteacher) or Mrs Suzanne Kemp (Senior Teacher).

Curriculum Drivers

A curriculum driver is an intention that underpins our school life and curriculum. At All Saints’ CEVCP, we have four key curriculum drivers that influence every aspect of our school community.

Identifying these drivers helps us to clarify and prioritise the ideas and concepts we want our children to understand and learn outside of the National Curriculum.

We believe that life offers a wealth of opportunities and that our curriculum drivers enrich our lives at school as they pave the way for a range of personalised experiences that will inspire our children, broaden their horizons and encourage an appreciation of the wider world.

With this in mind, our aspirations for our children are outlined in the documents below:

A visual representation of how our curriculum drivers influence all that we do can be found in our All Saints curriculum offer poster.

Latest Curriculum Documents

Government Curriculum Details for Maths & English

EYFS Curriculum Information