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Acorn Class 11th-15th September 2023

EAD- Art

We have been talking about what we look like and comparing our similarities and differences. We discussed skin tone, hair colour and eye colour. We used a mirror to study our faces and then draw a self portrait using a pencil. We then painted over it carefully mixing colours to get the correct tones. 


This week, we have been focusing on recognising and ordering the letters in our names. We have been going on a name card treasure hunt and learning how to recognise our names by spotting the first letter of our name. We made name trains using little letters and putting them in order to make my name. 

Our Lunchtime routine

The Acorns have worked really hard to learn our lunchtime routine. We go to the toilet and wash our hands and then say our lunchtime prayer. We walk around in a smart line over to the hall and sit down at the tables. We then wait patiently for Mrs Marsden to send us over to the kitchen to collect our lunch. We are working really hard to practise using our cutlery to cut up our food!