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Acorn Class 5th-8th September 2023

Our very first day!

We had a fantastic first day in Acorn class. We spent the day getting to know our classroom and teachers and practising our listening skills on the carpet. We enjoyed playing with our new friends and impressed Mrs Marsden with how fantastic we were at lining up! In the afternoon, we played some P.E games with Mrs Lamb on the field which was lots of fun. Well done Acorns- we are so proud of you! 

Dough Disco

In our very first week, Mrs Marsden introduced us to Dough Disco. Mrs M explained why it is good to exercise our fingers to get them nice and strong so we can be super writers and drawers! We each got a ball of dough, we put on some music and followed Mrs M’s dance moves! Lots of giggling was had- our favourite dance move was ‘Roll the sausage!!’. 

Smart Lining Up!

This week has been all about learning routines and rules for our class and our school. One of the things we practised was ‘Smart Lining Up’. This meant we had to line up one behind each other, keep our hands as still as we could and try to keep as quiet as we can.