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Acorn Class 18th-22nd September 2023

EAD- Family Portraits

We have been discussing our families and how all our families are different and special. We decided to make family portraits with loose parts- pebbles and rocks. We carefully chose the different sizes to match our family members and enjoyed talking about all our special people! 

UTW- Baby Photos

Mrs M had asked all the parents to send in a baby photo of our Acorns. We learnt about growing and how humans grow from babies to adults. We played a game of ‘Guess the Baby’ by putting our own names on which baby photo we thought was ours. It led to some great discussions about how we look different from then to now. We left it up all day and it was a constantly visited throughout the day by the Acorns discussing the photos with their friends. 


This week in our Maths we have been focusing on matching. We have been comparing objects and using the vocabulary ‘same’ and ‘different’ to match objects and pictures. We have begun to identify what a set is and how to sort objects into sets. One of our Maths activities this week was a game of ‘Make a Match’. We laid out the pictures cards and took it in turns to turn two cards over. The person who found the matching pairs wins the cards. We counted the cards at the end to see who was the winner. It turns out some of our Acorns are rather competitive!!