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Acorn Class 16th-20th October 2023

Next week, we are learning.....

Literacy- Next week, we will be focusing on the story of  ‘Room on the Broom’ . We will be learning new vocabulary based on this text and role playing the characters in the story. We will also take part in a Drawing Club activity where we will draw the dragon from the story. 

Maths- Next week, we will be exploring how to find one more than a given number. We will be using ten frames and cubes to help us with this.  

Phonics– Next week, we will be beginning Phase 3 of our Unlocking Letters and Sounds Phonics Programme. We will be learning the phonemes j, v, w and x and practising our oral blending and learning how to write the grapheme to match these phonemes. We will also be practising our blend to read and segment to spell skills. Our common exception word we will be learning this week is ‘me’. 

Topic– Our overarching topic this term is ‘Who Am I?’ with a focus of celebrations during this half term. This week our focus will be fireworks and bonfire night. We will be learning about who Guy Fawkes is, why we celebrate it every year and what happens on bonfire night. 

Look at our learning from this week.....

UTW- Autumn

We have been learning about Autumn this week. We talked about the 4 seasons and the differences between them. We talked about the weather in Autumn and what some animals do during this time in preparation for Winter. We talked about the changes to the trees and then decided to go on a walk around our school grounds to see these changes in action! We put our welly boots, picked up a checklist and went for a stroll together. We were excited to discover red, orange, yellow and brown leaves and we also found some acorns and pine cones. We visited our forest school area and discovered lots and lots of conkers! This was very exciting! 

Baking Hedgehog Bread Rolls

We have been learning the story of The Little Red Hen over the past few weeks so this week, we decided to make bread just like the Little Red Hen. We had learnt what kneading is so we thought we would test our kneading skills out on the dough- this was great for our fine motor skills too! We decided to shape our dough into a hedgehog to link with our learning on Autumn this week. We shaped the dough, made prickles by snipping it with scissors and then added some eyes using raisins. 

Literacy- The Leaf Thief

This week we discovered a rather strange pile of leaves in our outside area. We were excited to find out what had happened! We dug in and found a squirrel and a book! We excitedly read the story ‘The Leaf Thief’ which is a lovely story about a squirrel who thinks someone has stolen his leaves but it turns out it is actually Autumn. We discussed some of the vocabulary used in the story and made up actions to help us remember them. The words we learnt were fade, canopy, rustle and disaster. Mrs Marsden then introduced us to Drawing Club where she challenged us to draw the character of the squirrel. We talked about the details we would need such as a bushy tail and short pointy ears. The Acorns helped Mrs Marsden draw a squirrel on the board and then we had a go ourselves. Some of us even wrote initial sounds to label parts of the squirrel. Great job Acorns! 

Art- Mixing Colours

In Art this week, we learnt about what a primary colour is. We then explored what would happen if we mixed together these colours to see what other colours we could make. We each had a blob of red, yellow and blue paint and took time to experiment with mixing these colours to make greens, purples and oranges. A lovely afternoon of experimenting!