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Acorn Class 25th-29th September 2023

UTW- Our Bodies

This week we have been learning about our bodies. We discussed how we can see our body parts on the outside and there is body parts that we cannot see as they are on the inside. We learnt that we have 78 body parts and this includes muscles, bones and organs. We had fun guessing some of the bones and where on our skeleton we would find them. We played a game of ‘Simon Says’ where we had to demonstrate our knowledge of where each body part is. In groups, we worked as a team to label a body outline and helped each other find the correct place. 


This week in Maths, we have been focusing on sorting and comparing. We have been exploring different ways to sort sets of objects and understanding that collections of objects can be sorted based on attributes such as colour, size and type. We had fun sorting dinosaurs, vehicles, buttons, loose parts and even ourselves! We played a game of ‘Guess the Rule’ where Mrs M sorted some objects and we had to work out why she had sorted them in that way. Later on in the week, we used these sorting skills to compare amounts and began lining up our sets to compare which has more, fewer or the same.  


This week’s focus has been about initial letter sounds. We have learnt that a initial letter sound is the first sound we hear when we say a word. We played a game of ‘Silly Soup’ where we picked a grapheme, said the phoneme and then found objects that began with that phoneme. We put the objects in bowl, gave it a stir and then sang the silly soup song! This was very popular and we continued to play the game in our provision for the rest of the week!