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Acorn Class 2nd-6th October 2023


In Maths this week we are comparing size, mass and capacity. We compared 3 different pine cones and talked about the difference is size, focusing on the vocabulary we could use. We then set up a teddy bears picnic and the Acorns helped Mrs M sort the items to the correct size bear. This continued into busy time with lots of organising for the teddy bears! 

We also learnt how to compare mass. We talked about how we know something is heavy and light and we used a balance scale to compare different objects. Mrs M challenged us to find something that was heavier and lighter than Mickey Mouse! 

When comparing capacity, we showed our understanding by filling up cups of water so they were full, half full and empty. It helped us practise our pouring skills too! 


In our circle times, we have been learning about our school’s learning behaviours. Today we talked about co-operation and how this means to work together as a team. We decided to work together to build a puzzle. We gave each member of the class a piece of the puzzle and then we had to help each other find where each piece went. We also got to practise our alphabet song too which was a bonus! Good job Acorns! 

Harvest Service

We attended the Harvest Service led by Reverend Lawson and Pam. We listened and learned about why Harvest is important and how grateful we are for all the foods we can grow. We particularly enjoyed singing along to the ‘Big Red Combine Harvester’ song along with the Acorns. We continued to sing it all the way back to the classroom.