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Acorn Class 26th February- 1st March 2024

Next week we are learning.....

Literacy– Next week, we will be continuing to focus on the story Whatever Next and creating new adventures Baby Bear can go on. We will be writing about these new adventures using our phonic knowledge, remembering full stops and finger spaces.

Maths– Next week, we will be focusing on the numbers 9 and 10. We will be making our own representations of the numbers and comparing these numbers. We will be also be using our one less and one more skills to make addition sentences for these numbers.

Phonics– Next week, we will be continuing Phase 3 Mastery. Our focus phonemes are oo, ar, or and ur and the common exception words are ‘they’ and ‘all’.


Topic/UTW– Our theme will continue to be Space and this week we will be focusing on astronauts and how they travel to space. We will learn about what it is like to travel in space and we will be using our DT skills to make our own space rockets. 

This week we have been learning.....

UTW- Space

Our theme for the next few weeks is Space. We were excited to discover our new role play area- a Space Station. We learnt about what happens at a Space Station and the jobs astronauts do to go into Space. We learnt about the solar system and put our own planets in order, finding out facts about each one. We then proudly hung them over our Space Station so we have our very own Solar System! 

Maths- Height and Length

This week we have been learning how to compare and measure by height and length. We talked about how we can compare and learnt how to measure by counting how many objects long or tall the object is. We had fun putting our class in order of height. 

UTW- Forest Schools

This week was our second forest school sessions. We started the session by putting on blindfolds and spending time listening to the birds and other sounds around us. We then enjoyed exploring- today there was pond dipping, drilling, a rope swing, a tightrope and den building. We also learnt how to make a fire and enjoyed toasting marshmallow and making them into schmores.