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Acorn Class 30th October- 3rd November 2023

Next week we are learning.....

Literacy- Next week, we will be focusing on hearing and recognising rhymes. We will be matching rhyming pairs and creating our own rhymes based around some popular rhyming stories and nursery rhymes. 

Maths- Next week, we will be learning how to find one less than a given number using ten frames and loose parts. We will also be looking at the composition of numbers 1,2 and 3 with the introduction of the part-whole model. 

Phonics- Our focus sounds next week will be y, z, zz and qu. The common exception words we will be learning is ‘we’ and ‘be’.

Topic/UTW- Our theme this week will be learning about Remembrance Day and the significance of the poppy. We will be creating our own poppy themed transient art.

This week, we have been learning....


Our focus story this week has been ‘Room on the Broom’. We learnt some ‘get up, stand up’ vocabulary and explored using these words in sentences to understand their meaning. Our words were grinned, magnificent, clutched and shrieked. We loved spotting them in the story! We talked about the characters feelings in the story and showed how we would react to the different situations they came across. We also role played being the witch and her reaction to different parts of the story. Finally, we had a drawing club session where we drew the dragon. Mrs Marsden challenged us to write a passcode for the dragon to stop him breathing fire- we wrote common exception words, our favourite sounds and numbers! Look at our amazing dragon pictures! 

Communication and Language

In our communication and language session, we were learning how to listen carefully. We played a game of ‘Boom, Clap, Snatch!’ where we sat opposite each other in pairs and had to listen very carefully to Mrs Marsden’s instructions in order to snatch the cube at the right time! It got rather competitive but we had lots of fun!! 


In Maths, we have been learning how to find one more than a given number. We looked at the number line and saw that each time we add an object, it goes along one number. We used cubes to build towers adding one more each time and used our ten frames to add one more counter each time. We enjoyed trying to predict what one more is without needing to count!