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Horse Chestnut 11th-15th March

Next Week’s learning:

Maths – We are continuing fractions, looking at subtracting from whole amounts.
English – We are looking at subtracting from whole amounts and mixed numbers. 


This week we have been looking at equivalent fractions. We also looked at adding fractions. We noticed that when adding fractions, the denominator doesn’t change which helped. We then needed to take our knowledge of adding to help us complete the rest. 


This week we spent time writing our narrative scripts on Tar Beach. We thought about the dialogue we used as well as other script features such as stage directions. The stage directions not only helped us set the scene but also convey how the characters are feeling. 


This week we were practicing the songs Drive, La Farrucca, Batman and I got a Feeling . We were playing the E and F notes. We were using the vocabulary string, clef and fret.