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Horse Chestnut 18th – 22nd March

Next week’s learning:

Maths – we are looking at multiplying and  dividing 1 and 2 digit numbers by 10. 
English – We are writing our persuasive letters. 


This week we have been looking at our video Treasure. We imagined that we were a junkyard character and received a letter. The letter told us how the junkyard was going to be destroyed! We explored how we felt and the different emotions.  We then tried to look at this from an outside perspective. We thought of it from the junkyard people’s perspective and the people who wanted it destroyed. We put some ideas together and had a debate!


We began our decimals topic this week. We focused on tenths and how they look as fractions before looking at them as decimals. Once we were secure in this understanding, we looked at tenths in a place value chart and on a number line. 


This week we were looking at data collection. We did this back in Autumn term and again this term. We were able to see how the change in season affects the animals and plants that we see. We focused on spring flowering plants. We made a tally of the different plants we could see. Once we collected our data, we then analysed it in a bar chart. Tulips were our most common flower. 

Canada Enrichment Day:

This week, we celebrated Canada in our enrichment day. We had so much fun learning about food, music, dance, Totem Poles, Ice Hockey, wildlife and the physical features!