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Horse Chestnut 15th-19th April

Next week’s learning:

English – Looking at Newspaper writing.

Maths – Decimals continued.

Science – Electricity.


 This week we have been looking at decimals in further detail. We have been looking at using our number bonds to 10 to make a whole. We thought about fractions with tenths and turning them into decimals. We then extended this learning by looking at hundredths and how our number bonds if 100 can help us make the whole.


This week we started our new text. We are focusing on The Story of Tutenkhamun. We began by being Egyptologist and had a go at excavating some Egyptian artefacts. This helped to figure out what we were learning about. We then looked at our text and used skills to retrieve and record information. We then created mind maps which led us onto writing our non- chronological reports about Egyptian lifestyle. We ended the week by exploring the cause of death of King Tut. 


We started our new topic on history. We were introduced to who the ancient Egyptians were and where they lived, as well as how long ago. We created time lines starting with he beginning of the ancient Egyptian civilisation to the end.