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Horse Chestnut 25th-28th March

After half term’s learning:

Maths – Decimals, Money, Time
English – Non-Chronological Reports, biographies
History – Ancient Egyptians


This week we wrote our letters to the council. We used our persuasive techniques to ask them not to destroy the junkyard. We thought about our points for argument, writing formally and using fronted adverbials. 


We have been looking at decimals. We looked at hundredths as fractions and decimals. We looked at hundredths on a place value chart as well as dividing 1 and 2 digit numbers by 10 and 100. 

Forest Schools:

Dragon’s Den:

In groups, we had to create our own Easter product. We made a mixture of board games and toys! We thought about what are product looked like, what is was called, who it was for and even how much it would cost. We then created prototypes and presented our creations to the dragons (Miss Woolacott, Mrs Plummer and Mrs S)!  The children showed great stickability, cooperation and creativity learning behaviours!