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Horse Chestnut 25th – 30th September

Next week’s learning:

English- Continuing our learning on Escape from Pompeii
Maths – Place Value
Big Question – Am I unique? 


We have been looking at our new text, Escape from Pompeii. We looked at using senses to describe our surroundings as we walked through the streets of ancient Pompeii. We then explored powerful verbs and their usefulness to extend our writing. We then thought about the bad things that happen in the story. We created a conscious alley and thought of emotions that Tranio and Livia might be feeling as they watch the volcano erupt.


We have been looking at rounding this week. We began by rounding to the nearest 10 before moving onto rounding to the nearest 100. We remembered the saying; four to the floor, high five’  so we knew when to round up and when we needed to round down. 


This week, we looked at classification keys and different ways we could classify animals. We created a giant classification key so we could see how to group different types of animals. We learnt that they needed to have closed questions and be relatable to the animals we were trying to classify.


In Art, we looked at Roman theatre masks. We discussed and labels the colours and expressions on them as well as what we thought they were made out of. We then designed our own Roman mask that we’ll create.