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Horse Chestnut Archive 2019-2020

W/c 12.10.20

We had a great day becoming Romans for the day on Wednesday, learning about the Roman army, Roman food and mosaics.

In PE this week, we looked at vertical jumping, practising our technique to complete a high jump.

W?C 05.10.20

Our class Harvest poem:

In PE this week, we took part in a cross country competition, whcih involved the children having to run 6 laps of the school field!

In Maths, we used our place value knowledge to begin to explore addition, looking at the connections to the column method.

As part of our Harvest celebration this week, we created some very yummy muffins.

In Art, we began adding the base coat to our shoe sculptures.

As part of our Harvest celebrations, we also worked as a whole class to create a piece of artwork inspired by autumnal leaves.

In History, we braved the rain to find facts about the Roman beliefs.

We began using our fingers on the fretboard in Music on Thursday.

W/C 28.9.20

In PE, we have moved onto looking at jumping, this week exploring the long jump. We talked about how to add more power in our jumps to get a further distance.

We all made the anti-bullying pledge in Horse Chestnut class, writing about the different people we can appraoch if we need someone to talk to.

We have now learnt 6 notes on the guitar! The children in Horse Chestnut class had another great music lesson with Mr Watson.

In Maths the children showed great coopoeration, completing practise test questions in pairs.

In Science, we looked for invertibrates again, this time creating some scientific drawings.

Additional Home Resour

W/C 21.9.20

We have had another great week in Horse Chestnut class. We completed our first Big Write this week based on the story of ‘The Whale’ and have continued to build up layers onto our shoes in Art. In Science, we began looking at invertibrates and went on an invertibrate hunt around school. The children all enjoyed there guitar lesson, where they looked at three notes this week.

We looked a relay running in PE this week thinking about matching pace and using a relay baton.

In science this week, we looked at classifying invertibrates. We went on a invertibrate hunt in the school garden area.

We continued adding layers to our 3D shoes this week, ready to begin extracting shoes next week.

We spent some time using some of the books in the classroom to find out some more facts about the Romans.

We had another fantastic guitar lesson on Thursday.

W/C 14.9.20

In PE, we moved on to look at sprinting this week, thinking about how we could build power into our running. It was very hot and hard work running so much, but the children did a great job!

In English, we looked at the part of the story where our main character had to build a boat using very limited materials. We were set a challenge to create our own boats to float while holding a small person.

In our Art this week we had great fun beginning to create our 3D shoes.

W/C 7.9.20

WOW! What a busy week we’ve had in Horse Chestnut class. The children have been busy adapting to the new routines of Year 4 and I have been really impressed with the way they have adapted back into school life. In our Maths this week, we focused on our Place Value, looking at the value of digits. In English, we have begun creating some writing based on the book ‘The Whale’. Our Art this week was based upon sketching shoes, I was so impressed with everyone’s focus and stickability.

In PE we talked about stamina and pace in our first athletics lesson. There was a lot of running!

In Science, we looked at different ways of sorting organisms (Living Things). We also learnt the mnemonic MRS GREN for remembering all the life processes.

In Art, we looked at the differences between drawing and sketching. We used lots of small line to build up sketches of our shoes. Everyone did a great job!

We used Base Ten in Maths this week to help us think about the value of the digits in each number.

W/C 3.9.20

We have had a great first day in Horse Chestnut class. I was really impressed with how all the children settled really well into the school routine and put some great effort into their learning. I am very proud of them. There were lots of nervous faces this morning but there were lots of smiles at the end of the day. I am sure everyone will sleep well tonight!

Here are our class rules:

Everyone was very focused on Friday, writing some great reccounts of their summer holidays.

Week Commencing 20th June:
Year 4 Home Learning – Monday 20th July —- Monday 20th July – Reading Comprehension.
Year 4 Home Learning – Tuesday 21st July.
Year 4 Home Learning – Wednesday 22nd July.

Week Commencing 13th June:
Year 4 Home Learning – Monday 13th July
Year 4 Home Learning – Tuesday 14th July
Year 4 Home Learning – Wednesday 15th July
Year 4 Home Learning – Thursday 16th July  ——- GR_Pobble-who-has-no-toes-web
Year 4 Home Learning – Friday 17th July

Lyra has done a mammoth job with her reading over lcokdown. 93 books. WOW!

Lucas’ Fab drawing

Peony’s done a fantastic job with her poetry work.

Pipapa sent me her fantastic story.

Orla has been very busy and very creative with her Home Learning.
Peony created a great poem about her magical journey:

Anouk’s Magical Journey poem:

Week Commencing 6th July:
Year 4 Home Learning – Monday 6th July
Year 4 Home Learning – Tuesday 7th July
Year 4 Home Learning – Wednesday 8th July
Year 4 Home Learning – Thursday 9th July
Year 4 Home Learning – Friday 10th July

There have been some great additions to Lucas’ website over the past couple of weeks:

Katehrine made some delicious looking smoothies last week

Peony’s creations:

Iris’ Magical Place

Anouk’s creations:

Week Commencing 29th June:

Health and Fitness Week Health and Fitness week activities

Year 4 Home Learning – Monday 29th June
Year 4 Home Learning – Tuesday 30th June
Year 4 Home Learning – Wednesday 1st July
Year 4 Home Learning – Thursday 2nd July
Year 4 Home Learning – Friday 3rd July

Peony created an awesome painting of her dog.

Tobias’ home learning. What an excellent contract he made to be more helpful at home.

ANouk made some delicious looking smoothies

and so did Iris

Kitty very kindly made fruit kebabs for her family

Week Commencing 22nd June:
Year 4 Home Learning – Monday 22nd June
Year 4 Home Learning – Tuesday 23rd June
Year 4 Home Learning – Wednesday 24th June
Year 4 Home Learning – Thursday 25th June
Year 4 Home Learning – Friday 26th June

Harrison and Nate created marbled notebooks at childcare today:

Katherine’s bar model work:

Harrison did a Science investigation today helping Lego men get to the ground safely.

Kitty’s Goblin suitcase:

Lyra’s hygenic goblin’s suitcase:

Joel’s goblin suitcase and beautiful handwriting:

Week Comencing 15th June:
Year 4 Home Learning – Monday 15th June  &  Monday 15th June – River Nile Presentation
Year 4 Home Learning – Tuesday 16th June
Year 4 Home Learning – Wednesday 17th June
Year 4 Home Learning – Thursday 18th June
Year 4 Home Learning – Friday 19th June

Katherine’s Goblin House:

Tobias had a very busy week:

Anouk’s goblin house:

Ruby’s film review and goblin house:

Evie created a great rock pool:

Kitty’s Goblin house and setting drawing:

Anouk’s memory postcard:

Iris’ Goblin setting:

Katherine worked really hard on her River Nile work:

Kitty’s goblin creations:

Anouk’s goblin creations:

Joel’s work space was very organised this week, and he produced some fab handwriting:  
Jack worked very hard with mum to create this great face mask on the sewing machine:

Week Commencing 1st June:
Year 4 Home Learning – Monday 1st June
Year 4 Home Learning – Tuesday 2nd June
Year 4 Home Learning – Wednesday 3rd June
Year 4 Home Learning – Thursday 4th June
Year 4 Home Learning – Friday 5th June

Week Commencing 8th June:
 Year 4 Home Learning – Monday 8th June
Year 4 Home Learning – Tuesday 9th June
Year 4 Home Learning – Wednesday 10th June
Year 4 Home learning – Thursday 11th June
Year 4 Home Learning – Friday 12th June

Class Book:

There’s a Pharaoh in My Bath

Part 1 =
Part 2 = 
Part 3 =
Part 4 =
Part 5 =

How to Train Your Dragon

Part 1 =
Part 2 =
Part 3 =

Our Rainbows of Hope:

Summer 2, Ancient Egypt

We began our topic on Ancient Egypt this week by exploring different ancient civilisations. We played a game with cards about some of the civilisations and had a go at plotting these onto a timeline, thinking carefully about BC and AD.
Peony’s Ancient Civilisation timeline. Tobias’ Ancient Civilisation timeline.

India Work:

Evie’s local map work.
Peony’s Map work.
Joel’s Map Work.
Lyra’s India map work

Kitty’s India Work:

Katherine’s India Facts
Tobias’ India work:

Peony’s India work –

VE Day Celebrations:

Joel’s VEDay work:

Peony’s VE Day Medal  and work:

Kitty’s VE Day Medal –

Callum’s VE Day Medal –

Our Japan Learning:

Peony’s Origami Butterflies

Aphrodite’s Origami Butterflies

Tobias’ Origami Butterfly and illustration of bravery in ‘The Inch Boy’.

Kitty’s illustration of brvery in ‘Inch Boy’

Ruby’s illustration of bravery in ‘Inch Boy’.

Tobias used his Lego to re-create scenes from the Inch boy and wrote his version of the story.

Katherine’s similarities and differences between Japanese and English schools.

Kitty’s similarities and differences between Japanese and English schools and her story map for the Inch Boy.

Orla celebrated Friday with a Japanese day.

Peony’s story map.

Anouk’s Manga drawing and Inch Boy story.

Kitty’s story and Manga drawing.

Ruby’s Inch Boy story.

Ines’ Manga artwork

Peony’s Manga artwork and Ich Boy story

Nate’s Inch Boy story_

Callum’s Inch Boy Story and Manga drawing

Our Australia Learning:

AustraliaC&K – Kitty and her brother worked really hard to create a fantastic presentation of their research on Australia.
– Arthur video called his family in Australia to find out some of the information

Kitty Australian states presentation.
Peony Australian territories poster.

Arthur did a great job with his aboriginal artwork.

Kitty also created a fab piece of Aboriginal artwork.

Indee’s Aboriginal Artwork

Harrision’s aboriginal art

Anouk’s ‘Snake on the Run’.

Orla’s Aboriginal artwork

Oliver has been very busy finding facts about Platypus

Fredi’s Aboriginal art

Peony – Wallabies Fact File

Nate’s information writing

#Draw with Rob:

Ruby’s Drawings


A huge well done to Kitty who has been putting her artistic talents to great use, raising money for the NHS. She has been busy painting lots of stones with beautiful messages and has raised over £300. What fab work Kitty! UPDATE – Kitty has almost reached £600. What an amazing achievement!

Another HUGE well done to Ruby, who is also thinking of others. She is busy painting stones to raise money for the NHS too. I was also really impressed to see that Ruby has been thinking about others in her village. She has written a letter and painted a stone for an elderly couple living near her. Great work Ruby!

Orla has also been busy raising money for the NHS by selling homemade salt dough decorations from her garden. Well Done Orla, spreading the hope!

Jack had some great news over Easter, with three new additions to his family. There are cute!

Pippa has also been painting stones to raise money for the NHS

WC 2.3.20

We’ve had another fab week in Horse Chestnut class this week. In Maths, we continued our work on fractions, comparing fractions using bar models and in English we had a go at writing our own information pages on an endangered animal. We printed onto fabric in Art and began exploring the rules of Netball in PE.

We had great fun as part of our World Book Day celebration.

We also enjyed sorting out the school garden, getting ready to plant some of our seed once they start growing in our greenhouses.

WC 24.2.20

We have had a great first week back after the half term break. We’ve begun practising our play and are all very excited to see where weall are on the stage. We looked at monoprinting in Art and continued our work on passing in Netball. In English, we began writing our own information texts based upon the book ‘Dear Greenpeace’ focused around Blue Whales. In Maths, we continued withour work on fractions.

In PE, we looked at all three different types of pass in Netball and played some team games.

The whole participated in a pancake flipping race!

WC 03.02.20

Horse Chestnut class have had a great week, taking part in lots of activities as part of Children’s Mental Health week. We spoke about bravery and when we have all been brave in our lives, exploring how we can all be brave through the story of Pinoncita. The children participated in some great discussion surrounding this and how we can help others around us. We have also begun writing our own versions of Wolves in the Walls, thinking about the use of direct speech. In Maths, we have been looking at calculating the area of shapes by counting squares.

We had a storyteller share the story on Pinoncita.

In Science, we looked at the rate of reaction exploring chemical reactions with iron nails and water, icing sugar, oxygen and fire and Rhubarb and Potassium Pomanganate.

We talked about the story of Pinoncita, thinking about the emotions in different parts of the narrative.

Our visitors worked with us to draw parts of the story and create some shadow puppets.

WC 27.1.20

We have had another jam-packed week in Horse Chestnut class. In English, we used our knowledge of description to write postcards from the view of Paddington to Aunt Lucy. In Maths, we began using short division to solve problems. We created 3D structures in DT to test their stability and in Geography we explored the different climates around the world.

In Science, we explored an irrreversible change, identifying a temperature change.

In PE, we explored some of the different punches and kicks in Boxersize.

In Georgraphy, looked at rainfall across the UK and the world.

In DT, we explored different 3D structures. This will help with our greenhouse designs.

WC 20.1.20

The children in Horse Chestnut class have been enjoying lots of different activities this week. In English, we have begun to explore the story behind Paddington’s journey from Darkest Peru to London, beginning to create setting descriptions about the places he may have visited. In Maths, the children finished exploring multiplication and are using this knowledge to begin looking at division. We played connect four in French, the children remembering the colours in French really well and in DT we looked at what makes a greenhouse effective. On Thursday, we had a very busy morning at our Seed to Tree event, which involved lots of walking and mud. The children have all had a fab week in Horse Chestnut class.

On Thursday we planted saplings in Golden Wood.

In PE, we looked at the shoulder pass and how this might be more efficient in helping us to stop the other team intercepting the ball.

In French we played connect four to practise our colours in French.

WC 13.1.20

We’ve had another great and busy week in Horse Chestnut class. In English, the children built up character descriptions, using expanded noun phrases and similes. In Maths, We continued to explore the formal methods of multiplication. We looked at equality in Karma for Hindus in RE and began looking at Netball skills in PE. We also began to look at irreversible changes in Science.

We had a fantastic day on Friday, exploring Kagera in our enrichment day.

In Science, we conducted an experiment identifying what happens when a change irreversible.

We explored the chest pass in our Netball lesson this week.

We played a game of snakes and ladders in RE this week to show how Hindus believe in Karma.

WC 6.1.20

We’ve had a great first week back after Christmas. On Tuesday, we had a lovely afternoon in the church at our Epiphany service. Well done to everyone that created a crown for the event. In English, we began exploring descriptive writing, focusing on the features of a character description. We looked at the vocabulary surrounding colours in French and began looking a irreversible changes in Science. Our Maths this week was based on times tables, leading onto formal methods next week. 

We had another busy Music lesson with Mrs Blyth this week. Don’t forget instruments every Thuursday.

In PE this week, the children started their work on Boxercise.

We enjoyed sharing some of the new books from the library in our reading session this week.

We have has another great week in Horse Chestnut class, and we’re all beginning to feel a bit Christmassy! On Friday we had a great morning creating lots of decorations, which I am sure are decorating your homes. In English, we began writing out our persuasive letter and in Maths we continued looked at patterns in Times tables. We looked at sewing embellishments in DT ready to make our stockings next Friday.

On Friday, we had lots of fun at the Christmas decoration morning.

We had lots of fun in the mud at forest schools this week.

In Gymnastics, the children explored balances using the different equipment.

In RE, we looked at an Islamic story based around the ADHAN.

We celebrated Christingle in the Church.

We have had another busy week in Horse Chestnut Class. In Maths we looked at multiplying and dividing by 10 and 100, and began converting between different measures of length. In English, we began our new topic on Persuasive writing and are beginning to write a persuasive letter to the government. We looked at blocking light in Science and created artwork out in the cold on Wednesday. Thank you to Mr Pyne for leading a session with the class about different types of maps.

In Science, we investigated which colour of glass would be the best to make a pair of sunglasses out of.

We enjoyed picking new books for the library on Friday.

In Gymnastics this week, we looked at different movements.

We continued to learn different stitches in DT.

Thank you to Mr Pyne for coming in to share a session on different types of maps.

In our outdoor session this week, we created some outdoor art, inspired by the work of Andy Goldsworthy.

We’ve had another great week in Horse Chestnut class. On Monday, we researched soldiers from the local area who fought in World War One and created our own blackout poetry. The children experimented on the different equipment in Gymnastics, and we learnt back stitch in DT. We continued our work on Perimeter in Maths and talked about how we see in Science.

We began planting some winter seeds in gardening this week and painted some of our plant pots too.

We continued our gymnastic work, exploring different movements, using the different apparatus.

As part of Remembrance day and our Geography unit, we researched soldiers from the local area who fought in World War One and created some super black out poetry based on the poem ‘For the Fallen’.

We’ve had a lovely week in Horse Chestnut class, finishing the week with a whole school enrichment day based around the Lord’s Prayer. In English, we have begun work on story based around the book, Escape from Pompeii and in Maths we finished our unit of addition and subtraction unit, completing lots of different problems. As a class we have chosen to read the book ‘Christmasaurus’ by Tom Fletcher.

Our first gardening session was lots of fun. We cleared the beds, emptied the compost bins and hunted for worms.

We had our first Gymnastics session with Mr Bigg.

We had a great music session this week.

We had great fun as part of our Lord’s Prayer enrichment day.

We have had another fab week in Horse Chestnut Class, finishing with our busy Roman Day today. In our English we completed our final newspaper article Big Write, and in Maths we began looking at methods of addition and subtraction. We’ve been doing lots of history this week, learning about gladiators, the Roman army and the invasion of Britainnia and Roman mosaics. In hockey, we began looking at shooting and we have begun to experiment more with our instruments this week in Music.

At the beginning of the week, we began using place value charts to show addition and subtraction. We have built upon this to beginning using the expanded column methods for both addition and subtraction.

A huge thank you to Mr Walker for coming in to talk to us about the Romans. We learnt lots about the Gladiatorial games and also learnt some Latin!

We had lots of fun in Hockey this week, practising our shooting skills with Jerry.

We had a very busy day, creating Roman Mosaics, Roman Shields, Learning about the Roman Army and Playing Roman games.

We’ve had another jam-packed week in Horse Chestnut class! In Maths, we tested our place value knowledge, beginning to round numbers to the nearest 10, 100 and 1,000. We learnt about Roman Baths in History and began constructing our shoes in Art. Our newspaper reports are coming along nicely and in Science began constructing models of the solar system.

We worked on the playground in Science to re-create the movement of the planets.

We worked in groups to begin creating solar system models in Science.

In computing we explored what a network is, thinking about how different appliances are connected.

In Art, we began making our shoes, using Gummed tape to cover them making a cast.

Our first full week in Horse Chestnut class has been very busy. The children are beginning to get used to the routines and expectations of Year 4. In Maths, we have been looking at different ways of showing numbers, thinking carefully about the place value and in English, we have been constructing our own set of instructions, thinking carefully about our capital letters. The children enjoyed their first Basketball and Hockey PE lessons and we are all excited that next week the instruments will be coming out in Music.

We had great fun in our first hockey session.

What a fab first week in Horse Chestnut Class. We are all exhausted after a very busy three days. We looked at the rules and expectations in Year 4 and started our Roman topic, looking a timelines. We also took on a massive project with Year 5 to create aprons for the school to use in Art and DT. It was not easy, but by working together and taking our time, we’ve produced some work to be really proud of.

We created ‘Dream Jars’ with our goals for this year.

We working well with Year 5 to make aprons, it was hard work!!

We created a big timeline as a class in History.